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Sonic Masala - "There's a lot of noise and swagger, but through evoking shoegaze yet having that Black Angels harmonies and psych sleaze with a little of the Sloan side of production and pop sensibilities."

The Best Radio You Never Heard - Vol. 161 | 07.01.2011

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Big Takeover Review: "Dynamic and enchanting, Delaware’s The Sky Drops fashion a sweet tapestry of garage, psychedelics, and shoegaze. I’m talking the real stuff here, the good stuff. The swervedriving lush swirls of heavy noise. But the shadows are only there to keep the songs grounded, because melodies fly high and rhythms push up against the harmonizing vocals until all is full of sound. These songs from Rob Montejo, ex of Smashing Orange, and Monika Bullette are almost instant classics, but timeless. This music is now, pulsating between ethereal glory and desert rock. Sometimes catching like a collision between Loop and the seasick swagger of My Bloody Valentine. This EP, which is only disappointing because it’s too short, ends with the slow paisley dream of “Together-ing”, and I’m left feeling complete, but wanting more."

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The Sky Drops made MAGNET a mix tape - check it out!

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"i fucking LOVE it" - Kramer

Interview: Rob Montejo of The Sky Drops and Smashing Orange on When the Sun Hits

Philadelphia City Paper article on The Sky Drops - 1/07/10 - "Opening track "Heavy Penny" is a perfect specimen of the deceptively dense sound The Sky Drops pull off; the guitar is fierce and rumbling, the drums thumping, the harmonies piercing."

Lookbook, The Sky Drops, Soft Tags @ Doug Fir Lounge, Portland, OR - 12/11/09
[NEWGAZE] Folks, it’s probably about the right time for us to admit that the classic shoegaze sound is near gone from this world. Sure, My Bloody Valentine reunited this year and has been promising a new record since 1995, but the rise of the neo-psychedelic sound in the aughts has diluted the near perfection of early-'90s drone. One act that's still waving the flag? The Sky Drops, of course. The Delaware duo of guitarist Rob Montejo (who has bona fide shoegaze credentials from his '90s band Smashing Orange) and drummer Monika Bullette might have waited three years between their EP Clouds of People to release their debut full-length album, Bourgeois Beat, in 2009, but the wait was worth it. The band is classic shoegaze at its best, with dreamy vocals and sublime droning fuzz that will make you forget the genre ever drifted away. IAN RASMUSSEN

"taut, bristling tunes that overflow with vitality." - listen, dammit

"The Sky Drops bring some of the freshest fuzzy psych-pop I’ve heard in quite some time, a sonic smoothie blended together with equal parts Film School, Neil Young, and Blinker the Star." - Citizendick Singles Club

"a guy and a girl who make this big noise that falls somewhere between My Bloody Valentine and the Carpenters, but with a more handcrafted sound." - Robert Cherry

"Is it too early to start talking about best-of-year releases for 2009?" - Milk Milk Lemonade

"What a Loveless-era My Bloody Valentine kicking Elliot Smith from his grave would sound like (with a twist of lemon)." - Andrew - fan of The Sky Drops

"If you're a fan of slightly warped melodies, lazily strummed guitars, and gentile male/female vocals, I simply can't recommend this band enough. Pure.Bliss." - Every Issue Presents Itself

"Truth Is swoons into a veritable summer sunset of shoegaze, definitely twisting a little MBV into our veins in this Sky Drops' low-anthem beat" - Girl About Town

"...wall of guitars with some mighty catchy hooks, moving from shoegazer fuzz-pop to fuzz-rock" - 3hive

The Finest Kiss - 11-1-09 (podcast)

A Good Day for Airplay - 10-10-09 (podcast)

Beyond the Wall of Sleep - 9-26-09 - New Goth and Gaze (podcast)

Deep/Young Ethereal Radio Broadcast #113 - 9-26-09 (listen)

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Feature and Photos in the October issue of Out and About Magazine!

The Sky Drops' EP "Clouds of People" received wonderful reviews from the blogosphere and print media. Thank you!